1. I love Blake too. She was on Leno the other night and comes across as a beautiful vivacious totally-down-to-earth all-American girl/woman. She was delightful with everyone. Yeah, big props to her. Hope it works out with Leo…but this woman is not the kind who will hang around just to be someone’s girlfriend. She doesn’t need that. I’m betting he’s met the ONE. xx’s

  2. Nicole LaViolette 06/28/2011 Reply

    Back in the day I vowed to never like Blake Lively (don’t ask me why)… I think I may be going back on that, it’s sooooo hard not to love her style!!!!!

  3. She looks gorgeous and yes she deserves a post for sure :)

  4. Yes we do! She always looks so fabulously casual chic! I’m still on vacation right now, but saw a free computer and just couldn’t help myself! Kisses and wishes for a fabulous weekend~

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou