Week 32


Well guys, time is apparently playing tricks on me. I’m now in my 32nd week of pregnancy (how is that possible??) and I’m definitely starting to notice myself slowing down a bit. I get winded much quicker than usual, and have been guilty of asking Ian to tie my shoes for me a time or two. I can’t reach! Since day one, I’ve been ambivalent about buying a lot of maternity clothes, but I also knew the day would come that my options would dwindle as my belly approaches basketball level. This dress was one of my first purchases and it’s every bit as comfy and stylish now as it was when I was barely showing. That’s pregnancy wardrobe gold right there. I want it in every color it comes in, and fully intend to wear it post pregnancy, along with a lot of the other stuff I’ve bought – maternity or not. In the navy stripe, it’s been the perfect summer staple which I have loved pairing with black accents to edge it out a tad, like this Apolis tote (something I couldn’t stop thinking about since this post and finally picked it up in black last weekend) and my new Daniel Wellington watch which adds a refreshing masculine touch (Ian  and I actually fight over who gets to wear it on the daily). DW was kind enough to offer my readers 15% off until Aug 30 with the code THELIFESTYLED, so you may need to pick one up for yourself (and your man to share, I guess).








HATCH Collection dress / Loeffler Randall sandals / Apolis tote / Daniel Wellington watch (15% off til Aug 30 with code THELIFESTYLED)/ Celine sunglasses / Wanderlust chevron ring / Eddie Borgo starburst ring


  1. You look Glowing! Perfect dress and sensible shoes for the last phase of this journey. Lovely – Enjoy – Blessings.

  2. Obsessed with this dress! I wish I had had it during my pregnancy last year!

    1. setau aku mereka bikin lembutnya tuh pake sejenis obat kue namanya soft mix kalo ga salah, yang namanya bolu jika di beri minyak selain margarin maka akan bantet gak mungkin bisa lembut lagipula minyak babi akan megiagnalknn bau. mungkin itu cuman taktik marketing dari saingan. maklum aku orang medan.

  3. You look great

  4. Lovely outfit. Pin, pin, pin.

    XX Anna of Analog House

  5. Great styling. You look perfectly. You have a great figure. I’ll be here often to look and wait for new styling.
    I also invite my blog http://black-pearls.blogspot.com/
    I will be grateful for observation. :)