Western Floral

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Spring is a tough fashion season for me, style wise. I’m not really a cheery pastel/nautical stripe/floral person. However I can definitely get on board when you add some clunky black boots, a boyfriend denim jacket (my latest favorite piece), and a vintage western belt. I really love how they bring this floral dress to a totally different place, making this flowery dress seem appropriate for kicking around in the dirt, rather than going to easter brunch. I’m into it.

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Fashion Feng Shui notes: This outfit is definitely feeling the wood vibes, with floral and denim as the first noticeable components. Water comes through next with the sheer flowy fabric of the dress, edgy black boots and artistic nature of the belt. My essence (metal) is somewhat scarce but that’s why this outfit is kind of a departure for me. It’s still there in the hourglass shape of the dress with the belt and the fact that some of the pieces are made with good quality fabrics, so I still feel at ease in this look. A tiny bit of fire with the leather and the shortness of the slip under the dress.

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Dress / Jacket / Boots (discontinued but these are very similar) / Belt (vintage) / Sunglasses


Photography by Ashley Burns



  1. peggy hanson 04/04/2017 Reply

    I love that dress!

  2. Jen Pinkston 04/04/2017 Reply

    Love this look on you so much! I feel like we are seeing so many different sides of your personal style and i love it!