What’s in my bag?

I love to see what girls keep in their purse. It’s like getting an uncensored glimpse into our everyday lives. Most of the time, you’d probably catch mine with piles of crumpled up receipts, but I have to make sure to clear those out regularly in order to avoid going crazy. An organized bag makes me feel less flustered. These pictures were taken right after picking my Rocco up from the cobbler. I’ve only had it since February but here’s a fair warning to anyone considering getting this bag: the leather is super soft and is extra susceptible to wear and tare on the edges. In my initial excitement to use it, I never protected the leather and the trim recently started to wear down, exposing the wiring underneath. Luckily, my local cobbler knows his stuff and made the damaged patches reappear like magic.

No matter what, I always have to have my necessary mix of fashion, beauty, and work related items in order to function on the go. Today, we have: 1. Favorite sunglasses of the moment by Prada and Dita, 2. My most used Estee Lauder and Chanel (this one was limited edition) lip glosses, 3. Jo Malone perfume samples (I’m currently researching my favorite scent), 4. My favorite Bobbi Brown lip balm which I can never be without (clearly, judging from the rubbed off label), 5. Sally Hansen cuticle oil, because my cuticles always seem to get dry when I’m out and about.

6. Kate Spade iPhone case (I dress my iPhone up in outfits about as often as I dress people in outfits), 7. Oversized Abas wallet that’s more like a clutch but with wallety compartments, 8. Graphic Image day planner – I’m loyal to this weekly one because each day has ample space to write details about my day, 9. Neon Gelly Roll pens with which I color coat the events of each week (some things haven’t changed since middle school), 10. Kate Spade silver cosmetics case, 10. Tape measure, 11. Fashion emergency essentials that regularly save the day – double sided tape, safety pins, and a Tide To Go stick.

What necessities do you always keep in your bag?


  1. I love seeing this! I so agree– seeing into people’s bags is a little glimpse into their world. Glad to hear you’re being disciplined about keeping things organized in there, it can be super easy to let things slip out of control and end up with a disaster in a bag ;)

    1. thelifestyled 07/09/2012

      There’s nothing worse than trying to fish around in your bag for something and just feeling a bunch of crumbled up pieces of paper in there!

  2. I have that tape measure too!

    I think I like seeing what others have in their bag, mostly for the cosmetics! I figure, if you’re willing to keep it in your bag, it’s gotta be good, right??

    Your bag contents are way too cute. Mine are neither colorful nor organized, hah.

  3. I have been getting so many requests lately from readers to share everything in my bag! I need to do this. I love the day planner you have….really sophisticated and pretty.

  4. Avenue Ahline 07/09/2012 Reply

    I love your oversized abas wallet. I wish
    I could maintain my purse neatly I always
    end up throwing my receipts.


  5. Thank you for your tip regarding the Rocco bag. I’m considering purchasing it, what are your recommendations for protecting the leather and trim to avoid the quick wear down.

    Thank you

    1. thelifestyled 07/09/2012

      You should totally get the Rocco, it’s a fabulous bag and a great price in comparison to other designer leather bags. I just recommend that you treat the leather first. After you buy it, bring it to your local cobbler and they will know what to do to protect it. You might need to bring it in once a year to maintain it, and you should be totally fine.

    2. Thank you!

  6. I love your bag! And then I also love your pens and how you store them in the cute clutch. I`m going to get a little pouch for my pens now.

  7. As far as Jo Malone fragrances go~ Orange Blossom! I have been obsessed with it for years because, to me, it smells like the air in Palm Springs. Try it and I’m sure you’ll love it.