Winter White

Around the holidays, everything seems to be more amped up, more intense, more exciting, and more decadent. We go big or we go home. So this week I am thrilled to share these photos from an extra special 2-part shoot I did with the magical Heather Kincaid and Fiore Beauty. We frolicked in the woods, we happened upon trees trimmed with lights and baubles in the wild, we bonded with woodland animals. I love working with those girls.

I am definitely a girl who loves white all year round. In the winter it’s such a refreshing contrast to the usual darkness of the season and it reminds me of fluffy fresh snow. In this look, it was fun to mix the varying glamorous textures and tones of white with accents of the color of the moment, oxblood. The Fiore team made the look come to life with hair guru Larisa’s sassy Bardot tousled waves, and makeup maven Allison’s space odyssey metallic lips (and just wait til the next round when you’ll get a closer look at the mani from holiday heaven).

Guess coat, All Saints top, Zara pants, Marlies Dekkers bra (similar), Alexander Wang boots, Target driving gloves

See you back here on Thursday with part 2, featuring a holiday party look to remember!

Photography by Heather Kincaid
Hair, makeup, and nails by Fiore Beauty 


  1. those boots are amazing. and perfect with that outfit!

    it seriously does not look like you are in southern california in those photos, i love them!

  2. UNBELIEVABLY beautiful photos!!! That fur and lip color are amazing!!!


  3. Theses pictures are insanely awesome!

  4. I love that lip color! So bold! I’m looking forward to your next holiday look. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. you look gorgeous!! i wish i had long legs like you to wear winter white! miss you xoxo

  6. Your so gorgeous and I love your coat it’s to die for and I love your boots.

  7. Love this outfit!! All the colours work really well together and your hair is amazing. :)

  8. Seriously catherine! These last three shoots are all beyond beautiful… and it looks like we were shopping in the same places this winter. I have this coat and that green sequin dress! Happy new year girl. x

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