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Welcome back to Fashion Feng Shui class! Before we move on to the second element, I want to take a moment to say a big thank you to all who have read through my intro post and the first element (water), and are following along with this series! I am SO loving sharing this concept with you guys and hearing all your feedback. Please feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments and I’m happy to answer them! And here we go today with our second element, WOOD!

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What is wood?  Wood is full of life. It grows out of the ground in an upward motion. Wood is anything plant based : trees, flowers, grass. It’s natural, and it’s always moving towards a greater state.

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Who is wood? The archetype for wood is the Pioneer. Pioneers are the movers and the shakers of the world. The busy bodies. People who are focused on movement, and the hustle. They are constantly on the go, and that’s exactly how they like it. If things die down, they pick them right back up to keep going because they’re happiest when in motion. When I think of wood, I always think of my brother-in-law (my sister’s husband) who will literally run a marathon in the morning, go to his nephew’s birthday in the afternoon, brew beer with a friend around 5, and then play in a hockey game in the evening. Just a normal Saturday night. All of the woods I know are self starters, and they don’t stop until they accomplish all their big dreams. They can also be health focused, dynamic, and ambitious.

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How do we wear wood? I love to play in the sporty side of wood, but you can wear it in any of the following ways:

COLOR: blues, greens, and freshy springy hues


STYLE: sporty, moveable, or boho. Mostly, it’s anything that allows this busy bee to accomplish all they need to in a day.

SHAPE: columnar, vertical

FABRIC: plant based fabrics. So, cotton, denim, linen, hemp, bamboo.

PATTERN: vertical stripes, leaf, and floral prints

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How can wood help you? Wood is a super powerful element for our intentions. If you have goals having to do with ambition, being more of a self starter, taking initiative, health and fitness, and getting a lot done, wood is the element you want to add to the mix. Last summer when I finally reached the point post baby where I wanted to get fit again, I made a distinct point to bring wood into my style. I wore yoga pants, a cool white track jacket, or sneakers whenever possible and it served as a constant reminder of my intention. I’m telling you, it worked! These choices definitely made me go on more walks, and fit in little workouts whenever I could. In general, love adding sporty touches. There’s something just fresh, fun, and inspiring about it! I was never much of an athlete, but I always wanted to be. There are a lot of directions you can take wood too. The boho style is a bit of a water/wood hybrid, or preppy style can be wood/metal. Just have fun with it, and GO GET EM!

So? Any WOODS out there?

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Top / Jacket / Jeans / Sneakers / Hat / Sunglasses



Photography by Heather Kincaid


  1. Siobhan Jones 02/08/2017 Reply

    I love this series Catherine! I agree that fashion is absolutely a reflection of who we are but also can become a driving force to help us become who we want to be – intention – love it! So I’m in the middle of a major life change. I just recently left my corporate job of 10 years to stay at home and focus on my family for a season. Being a working mom was a big part of my identity and was absolutely reflected in my fashion choices…I kinda feel lost fashion-wise right now honestly!! I can’t wait to read the other elements as I’m not sure I relate to water or wood fully. Do our elements change as we change or does it stay pretty constant throughout our life? Any advice for someone who is in the middle of some life changes and maybe not quite sure where they fit?

    1. thelifestyled 02/08/2017

      So glad you’re loving the series Siobhan! Happy to get your comment. :) And how exciting about your new life change! Basically, what your going through will definitely be an exercise in getting in touch with your true essence. You’ll have to really ask yourself what makes you feel the most like yourself (I always say look at the traits that have been true since you were young). If stepping away from work is giving up a big part of your identity that you feel is important, you may need to add something else into your life/style that brings you the same feeling and maintains that identity in some other way. OR maybe stepping away from work is shedding something that wasn’t serving you and allow you to be closer to who you are meant to be. Whichever element is your essence, you’ll want to honor it with your style but ALSO bring in your intentions too. So being more focused on family is an EARTH intention, which I’ll be posting about next week. :) Keep me posted on how you’re feeling about it and I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

    2. thelifestyled 02/08/2017

      eh hem… “what YOU’RE” going through”… didn’t proof read. ;)

  2. Amy Feldman 02/09/2017 Reply

    I think I’m definitely a wood: I’m totally overscheduled by my own doing and if I have an afternoon to myself I see who’s free for lunch or get a surprise workout in. Consequently, I typically have 2 “uniforms”: on the days that I’m at home with my son I wear leggings and a tank; on my work days I wear jeans and a t-shirt/blouse. I look forward to learning about the other elements and how to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

    1. thelifestyled 02/09/2017

      You are TOTALLY a wood! I wish I could be that happy being so busy! I’d see a lot more of my friends that way. ;)

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