The Perfect Winter Cape


There’s something about this time of year that puts us all in over consumption mode. We race to place orders before sales are over, keeping up with gift lists and party dress codes. It can be hard to hone in on what exactly is the right thing to buy right now. The holidays are a time of sequins and velvet, but those are items we’re going to put away come January 1st. So, why not invest in fewer items that actually add value to our wardrobe in the longterm? This cape by Cuyana is my number one pick for that very purpose this month. It does everything. You can wrap it tight, belt it, or let it hang. It’s lightweight but warm, and really adds some luxury to any outfit. If you live in southern California or another warm location, this basically serves as your winter over layer on a lot of days. I love how it brings these vintage jeans and Rachel Comey top to another level with a bit of windswept drama, yet it also doubles as that first warm layer you throw on over your pj’s in the morning. It would also make a killer airplane blanket/sweater.

I can’t say enough good things about it, which is why I had to include this in my holiday gift box for Closet Overhaul clients, as well as On-Call Stylist bookings (for returning clients) with the pay-in-full option. The box is available through 12/7.


Photography by Ashley Burns