What's In My Hospital Bag


Just like that, baby girl is due in 3 days. Well maybe not just like that. This pregnancy has felt like a marathon as much as I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. As I get ready to be heading to the hospital in the next few days, I decided to film a video about what I packed for my time there. I spent more time than I care to admit looking up blog posts and videos about what other moms brought to the hospital for their birth experiences, and I found them so helpful. You know I love any excuse to add style and intention to any life situation, pushing out a baby included.

You can watch my video on IGTV, and I’ve listed everything I talked about below with links to my specific items. I hope this is helpful to any moms-to-be who will be going through this soon!


Always adult diapers

Postpartum supplements of choice (I’m bringing this one and magnesium for constipation)

Socks - the hospital will give you some but if you want your own. I am bringing some compression socks

Soft stretchy pajamas

Second pair of pajamas

Tank top to wear with pajama bottoms or shorts

Stretchy shorts in case it’s warm (might bring the matching sweatshirt too)

Robe - mine are from The Great. and Parachute

Your own hospital gown


Loose sandals like Birkenstocks (for swollen feet)

A couple pairs of underwear. I love the high waisted ones from Arq for a supportive fit.

2-3 comfortable, stretchy, generously sized nursing bras - mine are from H&M and Target

10 ft phone charger

Nursing pillow

Going home outfit - I’m doing this dress

Your own pillows

Healthy snacks




Tote or your diaper bag if you have one (I haven’t decided on one yet)

Zip pouches for organizing small items

Small diaper changing setup (diapers, wipes in a dispenser, changing pad) mostly for the ride home, just in case

1 or 2 swaddles

2 burp cloths

1 or 2 little lovies or plush toys (not super necessary, I’m mainly bringing for photos)

Newborn mittens

1 hat

1 or 2 onesies in preemie or newborn size

1 or 2 onesies in 0-3 size (mine is Rudy Jude)

1 or 2 bloomers/pants


Infant nail clippers or file if you’re ambitious (they won’t do it in the hospital but it might be something you want to take care of if the nails are really long)

Phew! I know it sounds like a lot, but it all fit into a small roller suitcase and a tote. And hey - I never said I wasn’t an overpacker! If you are using this as a reference, you can always leave out the things that feel like overkill. To each their own!

Wish me luck. :)