5 Minute Face

One of the things I definitely noticed change a lot after having Sailor was how much time I have in the morning to get myself ready for the day. I used to be able to leisurely do my shower, makeup, and hair, sipping coffee and hanging out in my robe. That doesn't mean I always chose to do a full-on glam look, but if I did, I could take the time I needed without much distraction. These days, I'm lucky if I get any time at all to apply makeup, but I really do prefer not to see lots of people out and about with zero makeup on. So I try to grab 5 minute on crazy mornings if I can. I always love seeing other bloggers' posts about how they do their makeup if they only have five minutes, so I thought I would share my version with you today! I'd love to know if you have any favorite holy grail products for quick makeup days. What's the one thing you can't live without? I think mine is concealer. Read on for more details on how I do my five minute face...


1. I apply the Glossier Stretch Concealer under my eyes and any areas that tend to get red or blotchy. Right now I'm using the medium shade but will probably go to the light after summer is over. This is where I save the most time, because I would normally be layering on a full face of foundation, powdering, contouring, bronzing, etc. The general skin/face is also the category where I definitely notice the most jankiness later in the day (hence why I think foundation does wonders), but hey - if I only have 5 minutes, this is good. I'll even grab a foundation brush and spread this all over my face like a foundation sometimes. I do use my fingers to apply it under the eyes or any specific spots though.

2. Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk on the cheeks. I've talked about why I love this product in this post. In Dusk, it's sort of the perfect rosy bronze blush color, so it's basically a contour/bronze/blush in one.


3. Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Contour Stick in Au Naturel - I apply this on lid up into the crease and blend with my finger. This is so quick and easy and for one step, it actually looks like you did multiple shades. Magical. I'm obsessed with this product and need to get more colors stat.

4. Mascara - If I'm bothering to put any makeup on my face at all, I usually include mascara. The one I used here was YSL The Shock but I actually hated it. Mine had the consistency of tacky glue. Maybe I got a bad one... I returned it. I'm back on the L'Oreal mascara train now. Currently using this one and so far I like it.

5.Glossier Boy Brow - It goes on so quick and easy, enhancing and deepening your natural brows. It's the best scenario for a "minimal makeup" look because drawn-in brows might look too fake if the rest of the face isn't glammed up as well. Sometimes if I have 20 more seconds I'll fill in any holes with this pencil.


6. Lastly, I throw something on my lips just to give a hint of extra pigment. Even just the Glossier clear gloss is enough to finish off the look, because even though it has no color, it adds life to my lips and brightens them up. Otherwise I still love the Buxom lip creams. I'm not big into a lot of lip color when I'm doing minimal makeup because it just feels like too much, so I keep it chill on the lips.


Photography by Ashley Burns