55 Colors



I've recently made a wonderful discovery. Every jeans brand under the sun has come out with their own version of the colored jean, but they all pose the same problems for me (and therefore others too, right?): 1. Too short (super bright + cropped do not an elongated leg make), 2. Too low (why is the muffin top something to accentuate?), 3. Not enough color choices. Then, last week I wandered into the Joe's store in Santa Monica and my eyes lit up when I saw a wall full of stacks and stacks of jeans in every color of the rainbow - 55 colors to be exact. Not only do they have by far the best shade selection, but I also fell in love with the fit. It's a bit higher  on the waist than most of their competitors - perfect for the cropped tops we miiiight decide to dabble in, and a 34" inseam - long enough for us taller girls, and still great for most everyone else (I love a dramatic ankle scrunch when there's some extra length on a skinny jean). Plus, once you've fallen in love with your colors of choice, you can move on to the basic washes for your everyday variety. I can't wait to start my collection (as follows)...


Images via Joe's Jeans