A Little Earth for Fall


Since Autumn is in full swing, many of us like to make a few tweaks to our wardrobes, and our lives, to reflect the chillier temps, changing leaves, and anticipation for the holidays. Earth is the element for Fall, when we come in from outside, and settle into the "homebody" versions of ourselves. Warm homemade soup, a fire in the fireplace, classic tunes, and hot cider all get us in the mood to channel our Earth this season. Here are five of the many ways each of us can bring the Earth energy in... Wood Does Earth

The Pioneer brings in Earth energy for a little coziness and grounding as she tackles her day. While still honoring the Wood with pants (columnar shapes), sporty styling in the shoes, wooden accessories, green cardi and nail polish (recognize MAC's Dry Martini?), the Earth is a strong theme through nubby textures (tweed fabric), brown and yellow tones, horizontal stripes, boxy bag, and overall classic, traditional styling.

Fire Does Earth

Even the Pleasure Seeker loves to be cozy. Here, Fire brings in Earth with a cozy winter hat that's adorned with an exaggerated pom pom, and says "I'm going inside for hot cocoa ASAP... make that a glass of wine," a warm comfy nubby sweater in a rosy red (oh, and you can't see in this picture that the back is bare, most likely making this her favorite Fall piece), a loud high contrast scarf in an Earthy plaid pattern, nails in burnt red, and comfy leggings that still have a rocker edge. Even the square shape in the ring and slightly vintage styling of the boots give an Earthy flare to this Firey ensemble.

Metal Does Earth

The Perfectionist brings Earth energy in with grace and class. The Metal here is obvious in the light, solid tones, minimal patterns, designer accessories, and overall mood of softness and luxury. The Earth fits right in with Burberry plaid, orange bag, shimmery beige nails, and classic tan cape style coat.

Water Does Earth

Water does Earth with an edge. There's a rebelious and creative feel in the black skinny jeans, lace-up boots, and giant boxy black bag, but the Earth is completely present through the plaid pattern and boxy shapes in the coat, brown polish, nubby winter accessories, and the almost-traditional styling in the boots.

Earth Does... More Earth

Balanced Earth Balanced Earth by thelifestyled featuring Fendi bags

Fall is the time when Earths feel right at home! It's fun to see the Peacemakers in our lives really honor their essence with outfits that look like they stepped out of a quintessential Fall photo shoot. Here, the Earth really shines through in the plaid patterned shirt, brown Equestrian pants and classic boots, nubby textures and Earth colors in the hat and cardi, traditional cameo earrings, and a big brown boxy bag. Yet, in order to keep the outfit from looking too predictable and boring, there are still other elements present to balance it out: Fire in the deep red nails and body shaping pants, Water in the black boots and flowy ruffles in the shirt, Metal in the designer accessories and elegant earrings, and Wood in the sporty Equestrian styling and cotton fabrics.

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