Design Meets Baby

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If you happened to read any of my baby related posts before Sailor was born, you know that I was perhaps a little too concerned about losing my design aesthetic in my home when making the transition into parenthood. At first, I couldn't possibly wrap my head around how I could keep my all white, clean lines, and sharp design details with a baby flinging food and other messy substances around the house all the time. Also practical baby gear is usually ugly, and that's a real shame. While she's only 6.5 months and just starting the solid food journey, I'm sure I'm in for some challenging times ahead. Regardless, it's been my mission to find the baby products out there that will keep my home vibes in tact. I didn't even know if I wanted to get a high chair at first. I know a lot of families just get a seat that clips onto the table or go without one altogether, but as we were getting ready to start her on solids, it seemed like a high chair was going to be unavoidable logistically. But a whole piece of furniture that's basically no smaller than an adult chair sitting out in our apartment 24/7 just needed to fit into the aesthetic or it wasn't going to happen. Call me high maintenance...

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Enter: the bloom fresco chrome high chair. When I discovered that this chair existed, my design conscious heart eyes were a flutter. Not only does it look like the chicest kind of baby spaceship orb capsule and comes in a whole array of colors, it has several settings to mold to your baby's needs as he/she grows well into the toddler years - from recliner seat, to two choices of removable food tray when they're sitting up, to a booster seat at the dinner table when they're older kids, which of course helps justify the investment - insert toothy emoji (sorry husbands!). Seriously though, while it might be one of the pricer items on your baby gear list, it's a great one for the registry because they sell it at a lot of stores (like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Bed Bath & Beyond) - some of the colors are more affordable than others. The bloom website of course has the most color choices. I had to seriously hold myself back from getting the black and gold version but the chrome just matched so well in our home. The rose gold seat pad adds a nice warm touch, and I can always switch it out for a black, white, or silver one for a different look, or if this one gets too gross after our solids adventures really go into high gear (though I will say it's quite easy to clean). I've even seen photos of dining tables with a few of these for their various aged kids and you'd barely even know at first glance that they were kids chairs. I LOVE a company that keeps adult friendly design in mind when making baby products, and can't wait to share more of my favorites with you guys! Baby proofing is just around the corner, so that will be the ultimate design challenge. Wish me luck - I'm seriously scared.

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bloom fresco chrome high chair / Rose gold starter kit / ME : Shirt / Jeans / Bracelets : 12 / 3 /  SAILOR : pajamas / bib / knit sheep / musical star pull toy / HOME STUFF : Chandelier / DIY wall hangings / Rose gold basket / Quilt / Play mat

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Photography by Heather Kincaid