Bra Surgery


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Sometimes bra shopping is a little tricky for those of us who aren't girly girls. So many bras have bows on them. Why? I don't know. I mean, there are a lot of women out there who are not bow people. I'm not a bow person, frankly I'm more of a dominatrix kind of bra person. I like lots of straps, which is why I'm obsessed with Marlies Dekkers bras. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I made a little stop into my favorite lingerie store, Faire Frou Frou, the other day. I had realized my bra collection needed some updating, especially for everyday type bras - white, nude, or black, but I always look for cute ones with a little interest since a plain old t-shirt bra bores me to tears. I found these two by Claudette and Huit which are perfect for summer because they don't have padding. They're both beautiful but littered with bows. Again, cute for some girls but not for me. So I thought, why not perform a little surgery? All it takes is one snip, and the bra is transformed. It's always a little nerve wracking to take a scissor to a brand new garment, but sometimes the result is even better than you hoped. In this case, the white bra went from virginal lady girl to Jenny Packham, and the pink trimmed nude bra went from pretty princess to Stella McCartney. Not only that, I feel without the pop of pink in the middle, that bra became much more wearable under a white or sheet top. I'm going to be cutting the bows off of all my bras now, and I'll be shopping through a new lens from now on!

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Bras:  Claudette / Huit