Denim Dress

I promised myself I wouldn't think of this post-Labor Day week as the first week of fall. Don't do it, Catherine. All those thoughts will bring are disappointment, frustration, and sweaty over-layered outfits. But while I may have succeeded in refraining from consuming anything pumpkin yet (oh shoot, I lied. I had a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale just two nights ago), I still managed to get my head all up in the fall mindset and start wishing for crisp air and changing leaves in the midst of a grotesque heat wave that will probably stick around til November. This Minnesota girl still can't wrap her head around this pathetic fake fall nonsense, and my wardrobe gives me anxiety at this time. But I'm working on it and this denim dress is helping my cause. It's not a chambray - it's actual denim, which feels like more of a fall fabric for a dress. Yet the color is light enough that it makes sense to wear on a scorching day. I love how it mixes with warm neutral leather accessories, and my white hat which although it's now past "white straw hat season," I pledge to keep wearing until I either a) get a new hat, or b) the weather feels like fall.

Fashion Feng Shui notes: This outfit is a combo of elements I have been wearing a LOT lately. Metal + Wood + a little bit of Earth. It's metal because of the crisp white hat, the pastel tone of the dress, and the structure of it - so that honors my perfectionist essence. It's wood because of the denim, which is what makes it so wearable and durable (such great qualities to have in an everyday dress) for all kinds of errands around town and/or lunchtime networking events. The accessories bring in some earthy warmth which balances out the cool rigidity of the metal palette.