Denim Squared



Whenever I'm putting together a list of my top must-have wardrobe staples, denim is always front and center. I'm not just talking about jeans - it's everything from jackets to vests, rompers, and shirts, which are all perfect things to have on weekly rotation. And the best part is that you don't even have to avoid wearing more than one piece in an outfit. While "denim on denim" used to spark bad thoughts of cowgirl costumes or that horrendous Justin/Britney matching denim moment, there actually are countless chic ways to mix your denims which the world is embracing now. The biggest key in rocking this trend is to mix up the weights and/or the tones of denim you're wearing. So if it's a thick pair of jeans, you can easily wear a lightweight chambray on top. If you're wearing mid or darker toned jeans, you can definitely rock a bleached jacket, and so on and so forth. Just avoid wearing a top and bottom that are the exact same color tone and texture, and you're totally good to go.

Denim on Denim

1. Rag & Bone jacket / 2. Hat Attack baseball cap / 3. Frame Denim skinny jeans / 4. Accessorize Millie Chambray shorts / 5. Current/Elliot pencil skirt / 6. J Crew western shirt / 7. Frame Denim le garcon jean / 8. Madewell top / 9. Robert Rodriguez crop top / 10. Gap chambray romper / 11. Current/Elliot chambray shirt / 12. J Crew pants / 13. Top Shop midi skirt / 14. Current/Elliot overalls / 15. J Crew shorts / 16. Current/Elliot vest
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