Double Plaid

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In recent years it seems like plaid flannel shirts have become like t-shirts in my wardrobe. I have a growing collection, and I love tying them around my waist with a tee and leather jacket. Maybe it's the 90's trends that are everywhere these days, or maybe it's their soft cozy appeal. When I spotted this double plaid combo at Zara, I was immediately drawn to it. The waist flannel is actually attached in the back, so it's not two separate shirts. Kind of weird, but kind of awesome at the same time. I wouldn't normally go for something like this because it's limiting, but I sort of love the no nonsense approach to this layered look. I've actually been reaching for it a lot. I like that it's unique and makes a statement, yet it's comfortable, easy to wear, and perfect to just throw on for a casual overcast day. It would certainly be easy to recreate this layered look with two shirts, just look for some that have a similar color palette and make sure the plaids are of different scales.

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Shirt / Jeans / Boots / Purse

Photography by Ashley Burns