El Diablo


20131006-IMG_6332This drink and I have had a rough road. Not for the reasons you might expect, but because the first time I had it, I was unpleasantly surprised at how little I liked it. It was at a fancy shmancy place in Palm Springs, and that particular bar served it in a pint glass (there's your first problem) with about a drop of tequila and way too much of the sweet stuff. It tasted like juice. Artisanal juice, but juice. I respect that some people like their cocktails to taste like dessert, but not me. I like to know if there is booze in what I'm drinking and I don't like too much sugar in there. I was sad and disappointed. After all, this recipe had two ingredients that would normally make any drink a winner for me - ginger beer and hot sauce - but it was definitely a no go. I thought for sure we were over, until my girl Jaimi made her own version of the recipe for a party and this time it was much more my speed. Smokey, a little sweet, unmistakably non-virgin, and served in a much more civilized slow sipping glass, it was glorious. So needless to say, me and El Diablo are officially back on, and he's moved into my bar cart for good. Here's my go at the feisty little devil...



For 1 drink:

2 oz tequila 1/2 oz creme de cassis 1 lime (cut in half, and save a slice for garnish) Ginger beer (I prefer Maine Root brand but couldn't find it anywhere this time) Tapatio

In a cocktail shaker combine tequila, creme de cassis, the juice from the two lime halves, and as many drops of Tapatio as your little heart can take. Shake it up, pour it into a sassy yet intelligent glass. Top with ginger beer, add the extra lime slice, and stir. Sip away!