Errand Days


Whenever I'm having one of those weeks where my schedule is packed, stress is high, and the To Do list is long, I enjoy carving out a day to run all my errands. It feels productive yet somehow calming to be active, covering ground around LA and checking things off the list (speaking of lists, have you tried Teux Deux yet? It's my new favorite way to stay on track). On these days, I always dress comfortably but the comfort has to be strategic depending on the errands. If I'm going to be trying on clothes, I opt for shoes and tops that are easy to remove - no button-ups aloud. The long strap on my Rocco comes in handy so I can keep my hands free while shopping, and my white Converse are great because I can keep them tied loosely so they slip on and off easily - tying and untying shoes in every dressing room is the biggest waste of time when you're on the go.

Zara tee, GAP jeans (similar), Converse shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Prada sunglasses, Bracelets: HRH Collection, Hailmary (c/o), H&M, Kate Spade, Michael Kors watch