Etsy Obsession: Silver Cocoon

I love those little perfect coincidences that happen from time to time. A few weeks ago, my favorite St. Paulian red head, aka. our lovely wedding photographer Paige DeWees (who, by the way, has amazing personal style) sent out an invitation to her dear friend's jewelry trunk show. I was still in LA at the time, so I unfortunately had to miss it but I did spend a few moments drooling over Silver Cocoon's (husband and wife design team Tia Salmela Keobounpheng and Souliyahn Keobounpheng) pieces on Etsy. The following week, when working with the producer at Twin Cities Live to put together our next segment on local fashion, I immediately thought to reach out to Silver Cocoon to feature any of the fabulous pieces. Coincidentally, producer Melissa had the exact same plan and had already arranged for us to include their work in the segment! I don't know how she knew about them too - silly me, I thought they were just friends of a friend. Maybe their artistic jewelry was creating a bigger buzz than I realized...

When we finally got to see the pieces in person on the day of the segment, I literally stopped in my tracks. No jpeg could possibly get across the detail in each little edge and corner, such as on the acrylic/silver Hive necklace we featured in the segment. I'm also wishlisting the acrylic Thin bracelets - the challenge is deciding between the orange/yellow/ivory variety and basic black, but all I know is I MUST add a stack to my arm ASAP. It's no wonder the collection is sold at art museums like The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. The work belongs in an exhibit of its own, so we're all lucky we can go home with it.

Shop Silver Cocoon on Etsy. See their other multitalentednesses. Check out the divine catalog, photographed by Paige.