Fancy Pants


the lifestyled sporty gold pants

Am I the only fashion girl who kinda dreads getting dressed up to go out at night for events and whatnot? Gasp, I know. It should be my favorite past time. And it is sometimes - but that's usually when I've got the perfect outfit waiting in the wings to be revealed at the perfect moment, and whatever event I have to go to just happens to be that perfect moment. How often does that really happen? When I shop, I most enjoy buying everyday staples - pieces I can wear time and time again a million different ways. It's not quite as fun to buy things that are so specific and special because you can't wear them right away and you get sick of those things faster. I also enjoy creating looks that feel simple and effortless because it's how I think fashion should be. Every now and then though, when I come across the right fancy piece - the kind that's not only easy and versatile but can also make a big statement when you need it, that's when I get excited. These pants, for example. I love that their jogger style makes them serve as the base of the simplest kind of outfit, yet they really crank up the wow factor at the same time. They're perfect for a range of fashion parties, with everything from my favorite football tee (on sale right now!) to their matchy tank counterpart, which I also have and pair with them for a major faux jumpsuit moment. Needless to say, dressing up is always a good time in these fancy pants.


the lifestyled sporty gold pants




J.Crew shirt / Gold Hawk pants / Zara shoes (similar here) / BCBG clutch (similar here) / Michael Kors watch / HRH Collection bracelet / Urban Outfitters sunglasses

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