Fashion Distraction: Playing with Polyvore


I'm afraid I've gotten slightly off track. It was my full intention to continue with my top 10 must haves in my next post, but something has been distracting me for the past few days. My favorite Tuesday night gab session/doggy playdate buddy Sarah introduced me to and after the initial "they stole our idea" frustration (we swear we thought of it first over a bottle of wine last year), I can't stop playing with it! Basically, it's a site where you can easily search a database of clothes, accessories, home decor, makeup, etc. and put looks together in your own "style sets." But beware - this thing is addicting.

So, here's what I've been doing since you last heard from me. I put together an inspiration wardrobe for each of the five elements. Can you guess which is which?

Click on a wardrobe to see it in detail.

by thelifestyled featuring J Crew