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Annnd we're back in Fashion Feng Shui class! Last week, I hosted my first workshop on this very subject - something I've been wanting to do for years! I'll be sharing all the details about it and how you can sign up for my next one soon. But today, we're here to talk about element number 3 of 5: FIRE! Be sure to read these posts first if you haven't already: Fashion Feng Shui (intro to the subject), Water, and Wood.

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What is fire? Fire is dangerous, lively, and impossible to ignore. It is hot, unpredictable, bright, and filled with energy.

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Who is fire? The archetype for fire is the Pleasure Seeker. Pleasure seekers are full of life, charisma, and spontaneity. They command the room the second they enter it, and love to be in the spotlight. They are incredibly fun, dramatic, and extroverted. Fires gain energy from being around others, and go out of their way to be as social as possible. They're loud, joyful, and funny. They are excellent and connecting with others, and they are sensitive to what people think of them. There's a youthful quality to fires, so many of us possessed a lot of fire energy when we were young. But a true fire is still defined by many of these qualities well into adulthood. If I ask you if you know any fires in your life, we can all chuckle because there is at least one or two people you IMMEDIATELY think of reading these descriptions. Because if you're a fire, everyone around you knows it.

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How do we wear fire? Since fire is anything but subtle, the clothes are as such. Remember that you don't have to do all of these, even if you're a fire yourself. Just pick your favorite ways to wear it!

COLOR: bright, high voltage hues. Reds, purples, pinks specifically

TEXTURE: scaly, furry, noise making

STYLE: dramatic, anything statementy (even if you're rocking one of the other 4 elements in a super statementy way)

SHAPE: pointy, triangular

FABRIC: animal fabrics - leather, fur, wool, silk (or faux versions), or sparkly fabrics like sequins

PATTERN: animal, triangle, geometric prints, and anything graphic, playful, or loud in any way

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How can fire help you? Fire is the element of fame, celebrity, and interpersonal connection. So if you are looking to make yourself more visible, wanting to get out into the world more, be more social, or create new relationships, fire is the perfect intention to bring into your wardrobe! It's one of the most fun (obviously) because you can do it as much or as little as you want and it always makes a big impact. I always tell my clients who have a fire intention to wear a nameplate necklace. It shows the world that you want them to know you.

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Jacket / Tee / Skirt / Bag

Photography by Heather Kincaid