Great Heights


Knee BootsFor a moment we're going to ignore the fact that it's a confusing 85 degrees in LA, my tall boots are collecting dust in the closet, and I'm seriously considering taking out my shorts from hibernation (is it weird that I don't want to?). But for all you ladies who are actually dealing with real winter temps on the daily, let's talk about a layering look I think everyone should try (California girls, stick around though - this one's for us too). Knee high boots are a staple of the season and if you've ever tried to buy some, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect fit - the right calf circumference, shaft height, ankle to calf curvature... it seems like it would be easy, but that hunt will drive a girl crazy. Well ladies, here's a fun trick that not only takes care of most of these knee boot difficulties, but adds an extra trendy touch to your outfit. It's simple: knee high boots + over-the-knee socks = <3. The socks are longer than the height of the boot, so they stick out a few inches creating the illusion of a longer, thinner leg. I especially love this look for the extra height it adds to your boot shaft whether over bare legs, tights, or skinnies, making them appear more luxurious and sleek. It's also a great way to buffer a too-wide boot opening at the top if you want to wear them with dresses or shorts. I find that that the combo works better for more casual outfits like these, so skip the socks if you're going for a fancier high heeled boot + dress or skirt ensemble. But for any regular winter day, over-the-knee socks are an inexpensive and easy way to elevate your favorite boots.

Great Heights / The Life Styled
Socks: Cherevichkiotvichki / Maria La Rosa / Pacsun / Antipast / Boots: Calvin Klein / Steve Madden / Sam Edelman / Frye
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