Hello April


April! This might be the one time in the year that we can say "I thought it would never come," instead of "How is it already here?" With those long winter months behind us, April is all about springing back to life as the days get longer and warmer. We're finally breaking out of our hibernation and looking forward to the season ahead, doing some spring cleaning and making plans for summer. It's time for colors to quietly make their way back into our wardrobes in the form of pastels and light washed denim. It's also the rise of festival season, putting a a whimsical feeling in the air that makes feathers and flowers feel so right. So it's time to embrace spring as we crawl out of our winter sweaters and into some crisp tee's. This month I'll do my usual bi-yearly closet detox, moving all the heavy stuff to the back and the crisp white denim and flowy tops to the front, getting rid of anything that's not worthy of staying with me through the new season. It's always so refreshing to do this time of year, and it gets me thinking about my summer style inspiration. Sure we have a ways to go til it's officially summer, but it's never too soon to be eager about the warm weather that lies ahead. Hello April!

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