Hit List



I love the day after Halloween because it's the day the world generally considers it acceptable to get started on the holidays. The pumpkin spice latte hands the spotlight over to his gingerbread cousin, who's now served in a special festive cup (who's excited to go to Starbucks today? Me!). OK - I know it's a litttttle much that we can't even wait one day after Halloween to move onto the holidays, but I say why wait? This is the part of the year that only gets better and better, and we should all milk every last bit of pleasure out of it! Mulled cider + bourbon are waiting to be sipped on. Twinkly lights are waiting to be hung. Party outfits are waiting to be styled. Holidays are for indulging, giving, and taking moments to be grateful for the little things and the big things. It all goes by so fast! I am going to start my Christmas shopping early this year, simply so that I can enjoy it all - no stress and rushing at the last minute. Maybe I'll even start today. Have a happy weekend friends!

If you're like me, you're starting to brainstorm Thanksgiving table tops. Lucky for us, West Elm is having a sale on all the good stuff right now, including all the items featured in my home shopping list.

I've got boots of every variation on the brain these days, and this week I kept going back to these. Sleek and elegant yet casual all in one.

Every time I see a Sharon Montrose piece, my heart does a little flip flop out of adorableness. I'm going to have to get one at some point, but how would I choose? I don't think she has a baby dinosaur...

H&M does designer collabs better than anyone in my opinion, and I'm guilty of counting down the days until Isabel Marant's collection. Only 13 more to go!

These brands' "tweaked" tag lines are so spot on.

When I came across this at Whole Foods yesterday, my mind was blown. As was the checkout guy's. The possibilities!