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The Life Styled - Burberry - Cara Delevingne - 121 Regent StreetI don't know about you, but I am already twitching at the thought of how the rest of this year is going to scream by. Right now I'm trying my darndest to use my time wisely and finish up all those outstanding projects so I can enjoy the holidays when they suddenly sneak up on me. And yes - I do say that every year and never quite manage to get it together without some level of panic around the second week of December. This week I've had the pleasure of working on a ridiculously fun styling project that involves picking out a lot of clothing for tiny humans. The shoes are so little, I can't even deal with it. One thing that has been surprising me as a non mom is how much cute stuff is out there for baby boys, especially at Zara. Chunky cardigans, velcro high tops, and suspenders. Teeny tiny suspenders! Maybe dressing a little boy wouldn't be as hard as I thought...

Since this opened one block away from my place on Monday, I'm permanently in big trouble. Huge.

Lately I'm trying to do this three times a week and as obnoxious as this may sound, it really is addicting in the best way! Their cute workout clothes are a draw too, not gonna lie.

Every year when the holidays roll around, I love to treat myself to a pair of these or these. Affordable, comfy, and the best part is that they come in three lengths!

This wine label translation is hilarious. Especially the one about Papyrus.

Did you catch this intriguing short film/30 Seconds to Mars music video about LA that Jared Leto directed?

I've realized you really can never have too much of these.


Image via Burberry's 121 Regent Street Campaign