Holiday Style: Show a Little Skin

Go ahead, it's OK! Even though it's cold outside, it can get quite warm when you find yourself under the misteltoe. You don't have to feel naked - a deep v-neck top or one-shoulder dress reveals just enough to show your Pleasure Seeker intentions at that holiday party. We could all use a little relief from those heavy wool sweaters in the winter time, and let's face it - when you're laughing it up with friends over multiple glasses of champagne punch, your skin will be happy that it's getting some air! Here are some fun revealing-ish looks for inspiration:






Stop! Before you squeeze into that sequined mini dress, it's always a good idea to get your winter skin glowing. Try my surefire steps to radiant winter skin:
Step 1: Exfoliate
If you want to have any hope for that dewy look, this is an absolute must. My new favorite secret weapon: Buffy bar by Lush ($21.35). Talk about a good scrub! This magical product is not a soap - no, no. It's a creamy moisturizer in bar form filled with little grains that not only buff away dead skin cells, but leave your skin glowing before you've even stepped out of the shower. I'll never let myself run out of this before replacing it - ever. It's that good.
Step 2: Moisturize
Now that you've got a smooth, clean slate, seal the deal with a good winter lotion. Personally, I cannot live without Kiehl's Creme de Corps lotion, which leaves a dewy glow on your skin. Check out the limited edition "KAW" bottle, some of the proceeds of which benefit RxArt, a great charity that helps lift patients' spirits with art.
Don't forget the most important part - your face! Bobbi Brown's EXTRA Face balm moisturizer is an absolute essential for skin that gets dry in the winter months. If you're not getting compliments on your complexion within the first week of use, I'd be shocked.
Step 3: Highlight
The final but oh-so-important touch. The part that really makes people go "wow, you're glowing." There are many highlighters in many forms and price points out there, but I always go back to MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. Dust a little on your cheek bones, forehead, collar bone, shoulders, and even legs, and you're ready for your closeup!
And finally, when showing a little skin, always remember that confidence is key. If you feel like you're going to a party naked, put a bit more on. If you love what you have on, all anyone can see is how fabulous you look (and feel)!