Holidays In Progress



This year I have been particularly chomping at the bit to get ready for the holidays. Maybe it's the fact that 2016 was a rough year in general around the wold, and we're finally closing in on the end of it. But not before we go hog wild celebrating the holidays and enjoying ourselves as much as we can. Sailor was a newborn last Christmas, and while she's still not yet at the point where she fully understands everything that goes on around this time of year, she's aware enough to be enamored with new experiences, places, and sites. So this weekend we started decorating for the holidays. We must have gone to Target about four times. We purchased our first artificial tree after years of either not decorating at all (what were we thinking?) or getting a real tree then having to take it down before traveling over Christmas, as we do every year. So we realized we need to be fake tree people, BUT that didn't stop us from heading out to the tree farm and exploring all the beautiful pines, as well as pick up a wreath and tiny real tree for our front stoop.





Sailor is in a bit of a demanding stage where she has particular preferences doesn't hold back from voicing them (by pointing at things and screaming) so when we head out for a day of errands, you know we have to be prepared. Usually that starts with a sippy cup and snack cup at all times. I love the ones by Munchkin because they have managed to figure out how to keep things from spilling in the hands of a toddler, yet allow her to serve herself Cheerios or water/milk on the go. We've been using the snack catcher for awhile now and she loves reaching her little hand in to grab a bite, almost like it's a game (score!). And after transitioning from a bottle to a straw cup, we are now moving on to regular cups and the Miracle 360 cups are kind of a game changer as they function like a regular cup but without the spillage.








There are a few things that just permanently live in the trunk of my Jeep, like a couple extra toys and diapers, a blanket, this small cooler bag for when I have to bring milk on a long day of errands (which it's the perfect size for), and an extra changing pad for trunk diaper changes. I love this one because it has a little holder for bags to put the dirty diaper in.



When it comes to driving around in the car, Sailor acts sort of like King Joffrey in her car seat. No patience for anything other than her every random whim. So we do our best to set up a good spot for her. These sun shades are the BEST after we've tried a few that barely covered half the window, and they also have an indicator that tells you if the car is too hot in the summer. And I gotta say it's nice to have a mirror for her that actually has some interesting things for her to look at. You know I love to keep everything plain and black whenever possible but anything that keeps her entertained instead of crying is a win in my book.




Me: jacket / stole (similar) / top (old but this one is way cuter) / jeans / boots / hat / Sailor: shirt hoodie / jeans / shoes / raccoon


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