Home Updates

Now that we've been living in the house for almost exactly a year, I can finally say that we're getting to the fun stage of decorating and updating. Luckily, the house already had good bones (plus) and with some minimal updates over the past year (floors, painting the whole interior white, adding a stair railing, landscaping, and some pool maintenance), we got it to a good place where it's starting to feel like our own. Now it's a matter of saving up the money to do the renovations we want to do one by one: all the bathrooms, kitchen, family room fireplace, and the pool needs resurfacing and new tile. For now though, we're a bit tapped out from the first round and are focusing on doing what we can with little decor touches here and there. It's amazing what plants, pottery, pillows, and countless trips to Home Goods can do to freshen things up without breaking the bank. I'll share more updates as we go of the finished rooms, but for now I thought it would be fun to show a few little spots in the house that have gotten a refresh. My style is definitely getting a little earthier in the home (not just in my closet) these days and it's therapeutic to add those touches, no matter how small they may be.


Photography by Ashley Burns