Kylie Lip Kit Try-On

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Even if you're not a tween, chances are you're privy to all the fuss around Kylie Jenner's makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. At least if you're a sucker like me and follow Kylie and the rest of the Kardashians on social media, have a casual stock of their shows DVR'd for whenever you're bored, and have never been able to figure out how to look away from it all. One thing I can say is that Kylie knows how to surprise everyone (remember when she was the awkward kid and then became a bombshell overnight?), and how to keep us interested. Each day she's wearing a different shade of her lip kits on Snapchat with some sort of spandex bodysuit, caressing herself while lipsyncing to rap songs, and somehow I'm like "sign me up!" In all seriousness, I was super curious to try her lip kits (liquid lipstick with matching liner) as they seemed to last all day and come in just the right nuanced shades that are very of-the-moment. I've purchased a few of them over the past few months, but I before I did, I never knew exactly what I was getting. I mean, Kylie is a lot younger (a LOT) and more tan than me, so I wondered if the nudes would look nude or more like dark pops on me and if I would look like an old lady wearing them. So I dove in blind, and now I thought - why not show you the outcome before you have to dive in blind too? Let's play with makeup together, shall we?

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Swatches from left to right : Koko K, Candy K, Heir, Kristen, 22, Merry, Leo

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Candy K. This was probably the 5th shade I bought, even though it might be the most versatile and wearable. I was initially worried about it looking too brown and too dark (it looks borderline skin tone on the Kardashians), and while it's definitely darker than a basic nude, I really like this shade. It's perfect for a more amped up neutral lip.

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Koko K with Koko K gloss layered on top. I thought this one was going to be my favorite, which is why I bought the gloss too. I like it, but it's a bit less neutral and more pink than Candy K. With the right cool toned outfit and cool pink blush, it's great. Again, definitely not a nude on me though which I was kinda hoping it would be. It pops more. Just a different mid-toned look, but not a throw on and go for me. I need to give it more tries though.

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Heir. This one probably my favorite of the bunch. I love me a light lip and it's so fun that it has a metallic finish which dresses it up for evening. I thought this was a risk when I bought it but I really love this one.

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Kristen. A soft pinky red. I never reach for this one but I really do like it. It's more subtle than a "pop red" but still adds a nice touch to dress up your look. I feel like this is a great go-to for fair girls like me, but would also probably look good on just about anyone.

3R1A1698 copy

22 (also worn in our holiday cards). This was the first kit I bought, and it's one of my favorites. It's a modern choice of reds with the burnt orange tones. I didn't think it would look that great with the pink undertones of my skin, but somehow it balances well.

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Merry. This was a special edition shade for holiday which I got free with an order. It's a nice berry shade, but similar to Kristen. It's a good neutral red for winter without making a huge statement, but since I already have Kristen and 22, I would probably prefer a more true classic red like Mary Jo K over this one.

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Leo (also worn here). This is a harder shade to wear, being so dark - and it's not even the darkest shade in her line. But for the right look, it's a really fun statement. It's an edgy deep burgundy, which is perfect if you're ok with going just tad goth. If this shade scares you then I would avoid Kourt K which is even darker and colder (almost black on the lips). For one just a touch lighter, try Love Bite or Spice.

Overall, I really do like the lip kits. The matte finish is chic and they do stay on very well. You are definitely going to notice them on your lips though because they feel dryer than the lip's natural consistency. So, not as low maintenance as a sheer gloss or something... but obviously. They are not really meant for around the house (unless you're on Snapchat of course) - better for going out. They do stay on quite well, but definitely moisturize your lips before applying. To remove, you need an oil based remover. I highly recommend these makeup remover wipes which are game changers in general, and perfect for removing long wearing lips and eyes. One more thing to keep in mind: in my experience, the colors are darker on the lips than they look on the packaging and online.

Also worth checking out: Kylie's bronze eye palette. I've been wearing it a lot, much to my surprise. Especially the top three shades, and the bottom left two shades. I'm wearing it on my eyes in these photos. Also, the glosses. I have 2 that I didn't photograph here: Poppin,' which is unfortunately sold out (I got for free with an order), a nice sheer gold by itself or layered over an opaque matte for a glam touch, and So Cute which is an opaque light nude - pretty on its own or layered over Candy K or Koko K to lighten and shine them up a bit.

Next on my list: Maliboo and Moon (cooler toned mauves).

So, clearly I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. Have any of you guys tried these out or want to? I'd love to hear what you think!

Photography by Ashley Burns