Lifestylin' Lady of Business: Anne Sage


I am constantly inspired by the amazingly stylish women around me who are doing cool things in business. Their creativity, ambition and personal style are worth sharing with the world. That's why I'm bringing you a new series called Lifestylin' Ladies of Business which will feature a new inspiring femme each week. Who better to kick it off than Anne Sage, author of The City Sage and co-founder and executive editor of Rue Magazine. I had the pleasure of working with the Rue team on two photo shoots for the premiere issue (check out the stories on pages 138 and 198) and I just couldn't get enough of Anne's work ethic, energy, intellectuality, humbleness, and epic e-mails filled with hyperlinks... not to mention her blog has me drooling on a daily basis. I can only aspire to be as effortlessly chic as she...

Anne's Style

Name 3 items in your wardrobe you cannot live without. 1. A killer bag: When it comes to bags my motto is go big or go home. I like clean lines with unusual but not gaudy details. Since June I've been carrying a black Givenchy Tinhan Hobo; the shape is so unique and the big chunky zippers slay me.

2. A statement jacket: The weather in San Francisco is unpredictable so I wear a jacket almost every day. I'm fiercely loyal to my Joie hooded leather bomber but have also been mixing it up with a Loomstate military anorak and a cropped Elizabeth and James blazer.

3. My oldest, shabbiest jean shorts: The first pair of designer jeans I ever purchased, these are now ten years old and have certainly seen better days. They went from full-length to knee-length and are now scandalously short. I slip them on with my favorite white button down and a pair of ancient Gucci flats and I feel impossibly chic, like Catherine Deneuve vacationing on the French Riviera.

How would you describe your style? I'd describe my style as 'Feminine Architectural'. I gravitate towards clean lines, quality construction, timeless pieces that will last me forever. I do like to feel like a girl, but not with ruffles, bows or anything too body conscious; instead I'll pair perfectly fitting jeans with a loose, slightly sheer tee and leave the rest to the imagination.

What was your last fashion purchase? I just discovered the fabulous designs of Ulla Johnson and I'm addicted. Her pieces are the perfect mix of modern and ladylike, with terrific drape and tons of texture. I bought her lace embellished dress and wore it to the Rue Magazine west coast launch party. So sexy and so demure, all at once!

What’s currently on your wish list? I'm a glasses freak and I'm dying for a couple new pairs. I'd love some Oliver Peoples Zooey sunglasses to alternate with my metal framed Tom Fords, and I recently tried on a pair of Paul Frank eyeglasses called 'Instant Intellectual' that are calling my name.

If you could only shop at one store, or from one designer, what would it be? Store: Barney's Co-op. Man, do those guys get me. Their spot-on selection of denim, dresses, knits and accessories can't be beat, and you're guaranteed to find something you won't see anywhere else. Designer: Stella McCartney. The perfect cropped trouser and the blazer that will get you the job. The sexiest, most sophisticated cocktail dress. The sweater you'll never take off for as long as you live. Stella does them all, and she does them better than anyone else. Though for the record I don't own a single thing of hers---the price point is simply beyond!

What item(s) do you rely on most in your day-to-day business endeavors? The 100% honest truth? Most of my business endeavors take place on my couch with my laptop. Which means I rely a lot on comfy clothes to get me through the day. I swear by my Lululemon Boogie Crops and an American Apparel Sexuali-Tee. When I do have to do something crazy like brush my hair and go out the door, my trusty Chanel flats never steer me wrong!

Leather or lace? Leather for sure. The smell, the feel, the sound: it's infinitely sensual. Plus leather--unlike lace--only looks better the more you wear it.

Red lips or smokey eye? Almost always red lips, simply because if I try for a smokey eye it looks like I had a fight with my makeup kit and lost. And let's face it: blondes look pretty good with a sultry red lip. My new fave is Chanel's Rouge Allure Extrait du Gloss in Exces.

Who or what inspires your style? I am inspired by the concept of juxtaposition--pairing unexpected elements to create a completely new effect that is even more than the sum of its parts. I also gain a lot of inspiration from history, be it from film icons like Katherine Hepburn or from vintage fashion illustrations. And I love street style and personal style blogs; seeing what real people are wearing is the best way to get ideas!

Get Her Look

Inspired by Anne's feminine architectural style? Check out these very-Anne pieces inspired by her wardrobe (click on the set for details and where-to-buy). Anne Sage

Needless to say I can't wait to see what Anne has up her sleeve for Halloween at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs! I know she's going to hit it out of the park.