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Well guys, this is it. Our last of the five Fashion Feng Shui elements! I saved the best for last because, as my own essence, this one is near and dear to me. I'm talking about METAL. I've always been one, but never was able to quite put these traits into words until I learned about Fashion Feng Shui. I am super detail oriented (to an fault) and am always trying to strive for levels of perfection that aren't necessarily feasible. I know it sounds like an obnoxious complaint ("Boo hoo - I'm just always trying so hard to be perfect!") but it can also cause a lot of misunderstandings, stress, and disappointment. It's something I need to work on, but nevertheless, it's just me. Allow me to elaborate... but first, have you checked out the other posts in this series? Be sure to do so, so you can get the whole story. And then let me know in the comments below which element you feel is your essence! You can find the other posts here:

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What is metal? Metal is refined. It is strong, solid, and polished. It's made up of the world's best materials, and it can be used to build the tallest buildings.

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Who is metal? The archetype for metal is the perfectionist. Metals are detail oriented, refined, and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. They are consumed by the desire to have everything in order, and can be easily stressed out by mess or disarray. I always say if a metal has a dinner party, you can expect attention to be paid to every detail, and wine to be served in the correct type of glass for the wine you're drinking. They always choose quality over quantity, and seem to have their lives figured out. Metals are professional, sharp, and discerning in everything they do, but can come across as standoffish, posh, and prude at times.

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How do we wear metal? The word 'perfectionist' says it all...

COLOR: Light neutrals, white, metallics, pastels

TEXTURE: Structured, smooth, clean lines

STYLE: Minimal, feminine, professional, classy, elegant, expensive, designer

SHAPE: Circular

FABRIC: Anything luxurious - cashmere, crepe, silk, etc.

PATTERN: The real pattern of metal would be no pattern at all, but polka dots are a metal pattern as well.

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How can metal help you? If you have an intention that's related to creating more perfection in your life, metal is the key element to incorporate. Say you feel like you're being pulled in too many directions, recently went through a big change and need to create order, or just need to strive for perfection in your work or personal life. There are many times when life calls for us to pay more attention to detail in order to achieve a goal.  So save up and invest in a good staple like a high quality handbag, your first (or 17th) pair of designer shoes, or a sleek matching set in a light neutral color!

I know a lot of you are thinking "oh yeah, this is me." Who's a metal??

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Photography by Heather Kincaid