Metal Party: An Art Deco Dinner Party


As a Metal, you're probably already the quintessential hostess - thoughtful, glamorous and appearing to do it all effortlessly. For your next party, put a vintage twist on things with a Gatsby-esque theme that highlights your stellar taste. Keep things clean and simple so that you can be detail-oriented without stressing yourself out. The Decor: Start with a luxe neutral palette of milky creams and rich charcoals that automatically say expensive (shh, we won't tell if they're not!) and then dig out your best china to set a perfect table.  This is the perfect time to use those heirloom pieces from Grandma or that pricey wedding set you never use.  Since Metal detailing is all about elegance, take a page from Gatsby with art deco inspired accents like crystal goblets and geometrically cut napkin rings.  Add that last bit of polish by filling the table, hidden corners and the bathroom with ladylike blush-colored peonies and plenty of candlelight.

The Playlist: Stick with Jazz Age classics like Miles Davis and John Coltrane during dinner but mix things up a little for cocktails with Bebel Gilberto, Michael Buble, Madeleine Peyroux or Ingrid Lucia.

The Outfit: As the hostess, you'll look like your classy self wearing a simply cut but richly detailed cocktail dress. Layers of pearls contrasted by stacks of brushed metal bangles create a perfect mix of modern and elegant and tie into the art deco theme. And of course, nothing says timeless like a signature scent from Chanel.

The Menu: Upscale food doesn't have to be complicated if the flavors are great. Make the bisque in advance and re-heat and order desserts from your favorite bakery. If you're having a larger party, hire a server or two for the night from a catering company or from the pool of willing teens that live down the block and consider turning your menu into passed appetizers, such as soup shooters or risotto cakes. Other menu items could include:

  • Roasted red pepper bisque
  • Petit filet mignon and/or pecan crusted salmon
  • White wine and mushroom risotto
  • Haricot verts with slivered almonds
  • Assorted petit fours and tartlettes

The Signature Drink: Gatsby would have nothing less than a fully stocked bar with favorite liquors and plenty of good quality champagne. Bring things into 2010 with an interactive station allows guests to customize your signature champagne cocktail to their taste.

Metal Champagne cocktail

Raspberry Pomegranate Sparklers 2 parts champagne or sparkling wine 1 part raspberry pomegranate juice 1 part real lemonade or orange juice frozen pomegranate seeds or raspberries for garnish

Pour champagne into flutes and add pomegranate juice. Garnish with frozen fruit. Display orange juice and lemonade in pretty carafes and allow guests to finish off the cocktail with their juice of choice.

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