My Skincare Routine

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There's no getting around it - I'm kind of skincare obsessed. It started when I was in college and decided to take Accutane for my persistent acne. After I was done with it, the acne was gone, but my skin's journey was only beginning. I was left with pretty bad eczema and incredibly dry, tight, painful skin. It was the lesser of two evils but I had years to go before things would level out. So I became obsessed with my skincare routine, trying to find the right products that would hydrate my skin and give me that coveted glow. It's such a nuanced, tricky search. Many things would be hydrating but too greasy, or work for awhile and then the dryness would return.  Now that I'm officially in my mid 30's, I'm not only combating dryness but aging as well. So today I thought I would share the products that I'm using right now, including some longtime favorites and some new ones I'm trying out.

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1. La Mer - Let's start with the big guns. When I say "tried and true favorites," this is precisely what I'm talking about. I know I've discussed my love for La Mer before, like in my holy grail beauty products video. This is the ultimate product for "the glow." If you buy one product, it's gotta be the classic Moisturizing Cream. It also comes in other formulas, like a soft cream, gel, and soft lotion, so take your pick because they're all the same active ingredients but just different textures - but I like the classic one because I feel like some of the other formulas are prone to using more than you need. But I do use the lotion in the morning because it's not as heavy under makeup and goes on super smoothly. And then I use the moisturizing cream at night. Because it's a pricey option, my policy on buying La Mer is to only buy it when there's a gift with purchase or some kind of gift set where you get more for your money (one of the department stores is always offering something - you just have to research which one) and definitely ask your sales associate for samples. You're spending a wad with them so milk it and get your money's worth, girl!

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The next MUST on my list are Kate Somerville cleansers and exfoliators. Specifically the Gentle Cleanser (sulfate free and gentle as can be - exactly what you want in a cleanser) and ExfoliKate (the BEST exfoliator period). I'm now also turned onto the ExfoliKate cleanser which I use at night after removing my makeup with an oil based makeup remover (like this one).

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Now that the necessities are covered, I'm also using some new (to me) brands that have been really awesome so far. It's too early to say if they are groundbreaking yet, but in a nutshell, here are a few worth mentioning...

Tatcha - This brand is known for some great products and everything I've tried, I've loved. Namely, Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, Dewy Skin Mist, and the Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum (the applicator is made of ceramic which creates a depuffing cold sensation AND there's 23-karat gold in there which brightens under the eye - so yeah you basically better go get it right now).

Shiva Rose - a line of beautiful, nontoxic products that smell dreamy and feel super luxurious. I especially love the Glow Face Balm (I use it under moisturizer when I'm especially dry or you can put it on areas you want to have a dewy look), and I also love the Body Butter. She even did a collab with my favorite nontoxic deodorant.

Glycelene - Vegan, organic products in pretty packaging (yes please!). I love the Skin Supplement Face Oil, and the Anti-Aging Body Elixir oil (a great body oil that's perfect for the shoulders, arms, and décolletage).

Phew! I think that about covers all my favorites. I'd love to hear about yours too. Anything good out there I haven't tried? I'm especially looking to try some new body oils or creams. So if you know of some good ones, do tell!

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P.S. This post is not sponsored by anyone and I bought most of these products with my own money. I did receive this particular La Mer lotion and cream for free as part of 2016 promotions, but I've purchased these products in the past and definitely will again! All my opinions are completely genuine. I mean, I'd have to be telling the honest truth otherwise I would just shut up about La Mer already!

Photography by Ashley Burns