Nail Call

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It's probably an understatement that I'm a bit obsessed with nails. For years I've been getting mine done every other week come hell or high water. It's a simple pleasure for sure, but it's a personal treat that I look forward to every time. I love an opportunity to choose a little accent that reflects the season, my mood, and compliments what I'm wearing these days. So, I figure why not start a little series devoted to nails? You down? Sometimes I go neutral and minimal and other times I have more fun with designs and brighter hues (my nails are pretty much the only place you might find bright colors on me). Lately I've been really into the milky opaque nudes and blushes. I love this color for it's desaturated tone... and the champagne gummies don't hurt the situation either.

DND gel polish in Havana Cream - 616

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Photography by Ashley Burns