Nail Call

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I've always been a sucker for futuristic look of holographic nails, but the last time I tried it, the only option I had was a regular polish with a "special" base coat that hardly looked holographic at all. Now, there's a new way of doing it that gives your nails an extra flashy effect while also lasting as long as a regular gel manicure. It's essentially a gel manicure with a holographic powder over it. The powder is always the same, but the base color can be anything you want. Changing the base color changes the shade of hologram you get. I went with a regular white base this time, but I'm interested to try black which gives it more of a gasoline effect or a pastel pink or purple which is a bit more unicorn-like. If you want to try this, call your nail salon and ask if they do the holographic powder gel manicure. I'm excited to experiment more with it this summer!

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Photography by Ashley Burns