Next Week: 5 Elemental Parties with Haute Apple Pie

Extra! Extra! I am so excited to announce that we have some very chic guests joining us next week on The Life Styled! The domestic goddesses at Haute Apple Pie will be showing us their unique ideas for five elemental parties! Even though February tends to be the season of hibernation, it's a great time to break out of your sweatpants/reruns of Project Runway routine and make up an excuse to connect with friends. Or even if it's not the right time, you might as well start planning for a spring bash. Whether you're in the mood for hunkering down with some Earthy comfort with close friends, or going all out with a loud Fiery bash, the girls will have your bases covered from your signature cocktail all the way down to, of course, the hostess duds!

Written by three fabulous Milwaukee girls - Stef, Anne, and my good friend Katie, Haute Apple Pie is your go-to guide for all things home, kitchen, and garden - not in a "oh I guess I have to make dinner" way, but in the "look how fabulous I am while I make this effortless gourmet dinner" way. It's like having Martha Stewart as a best friend, only without the temper tantrums.

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Read all about the girls and their musings at, and get your party hats on for next week! Who says it's not sexy to be domestic?