Not So Fancy Footwear


Not So Fancy Footwear / The Life Styled

There's a new trend going around that our tired feet are sure to get on board with. Gone are the days of wearing your most comfy running shoes only on planes or, say, to run. Athletic sneaks have been getting cuter and cuter, so it's no surprise that they've been finagling their way into fashion forward outfits. Tip: In order to avoid looking like you're just going to the gym, choose a chic handbag and keep the rest of your outfit non-sporty. Don't overthink it, just have at it and enjoy it while it lasts. Your stiletto abused tootsies will thank you for this one!

Not So Fancy Footwear / The Life Styled


Row 1: Underarmour / Nike / Adidas / Row 2: Adidas / Asics / Reebok / Row 3: Casadei / Marc by Marc Jacobs / Asics / Row 4: Bershka / Nike / Nike
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