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When you find yourself laying awake at night wondering why and how overalls managed to come back into style, don't fret. I promise you'll feel better if you come to terms with the fact that it was actually a series of very natural steps that lead to this. It's been a good 15-20 years since they were last widely considered fashionable. I did own a wide leg pair from H&M somewhere around 2004 - not sure how that happened. But a lot has changed since the 90's. Exhibit A: Rompers and jumpsuits became totally normal wardrobe staples. Exhibit B: The saggy crotch boyfriend jeans are no longer confusing to the mind like they first were when they surfaced a few years ago. Mix these totally acceptable trends together and overalls are exactly what you get.

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I gotta say, I'm actually OK with it. I'm not going through a nay saying period on this one. Don't get me wrong though, there are plenty of ways it can go very bad very quickly. So there are a couple things to keep in mind if you decide to try this trend: 1) The flap shouldn't hang completely below your boobs, so make sure it reaches at least up to that general region to avoid it looking like you put on the same ones that fit you in 5th grade. And it shouldn't be all the way up to your neck either. 2) I'm a fan of the ankle cropped, rolled up, relaxed style. That's what keeps the look making sense. I'm sure some can pull off the more daring styles like the leather or skinny jean versions, but the classic denim boyfriend look will make them much easier to style. 3) Keep an eye on the behind. Some overalls can just hang all wrong back there so make sure it looks passable. In general, this trend is not a butt-flattering trend so let's just make peace with that. But you can still avoid a disaster by choosing a pair that looks somewhat right back there. Everyone is different, so a little trial and error is all you need. 4) Freshen the look up from the early Rachel Green look we all can't get out of our minds by pairing them with a modern shoe, like a structural gladiator heel, or ankle boot. I personally can't wait to snag a pair for myself and find out where they can take me.

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Top: Asos, J Brand, BDG, Bottom: Citizens of Humanity, Viva Vena! by Vena Cava, River Island

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