Poncho Dreams

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Some things are just meant to be. This poncho is one of those things. I was perusing on my best kept (not really) secret The Outnet and while I always see a ton of Isabel Marant pieces that catch my eye, this one basically had a flashing red light on it, screaming at me to buy it. I immediately added it to my cart, but thought "is this going to be one of those winter items I wear once before it's fully Spring in LA and it goes away never to return (at least til next December)?" It arrived and I loved it but was cautious about keeping it because I'm always so quick to be wooed by sweaters, and later look back and realize I was wishful thinking (I have been a SoCal girl for 9 years now and still am having an identity crisis). Maybe it's the Minnesota in me. But here's the thing: not only is it awesome, it's PERFECT for LA winters because it's armless. You can layer whatever you want under it! Half of the days I look at the forecast, see that it's going to be a high of 62 and ask - but what does that MEAN? Is it a coat situation or am I going to be sweating in a sweater? I want to be cozy in the winter, regardless of the weather, but I don't want to be scorching. So I can dip my toe into the warmth with a t-shirt under it, or throw on a thick turtleneck on a cold night. Montage of the days and weeks following: I find myself reaching for this more often than my leather jacket. It's that good. This poncho is a must, and I'm obsessed. The End.

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Poncho / Shirt / Jeans / Sunglasses / Boots


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Photography by Heather Kincaid