Saints Indeed

AllSaints Fall Wardrobe
Cardigan, Sequin top, Buckle heel boots, Menthe dress, Metallic sweater, Sequin bralet, Zebra tee, Buckle flat boots, Leather leggings, Aqua sequin skirt, Lace bodysuit

Let's be real - fall fashion can be a little intimidating. There is such a jarring shift in inspiration from the simple sundresses and sandals of summer into richer, heavier pieces and lots of layers. As summer comes to an end, it feels like we're completely switching gears and starting from scratch. I have been making a mental list of all the pieces I am hoping to update my wardrobe with this fall, and it's top priority this year because I will be heading out to New York for fashion week (yay!). But maybe it doesn't have to be so complicated. I was perusing through AllSaints the other day and I happened upon my future fall wardrobe in its entirety. No need to look further. They've got my fashion week outfits covered, not to mention all of the season's special events and everyday clothes for the crisp months. If all goes well, my fall shopping will take me about one hour in one store, followed by a jalapeño margarita at Loteria on the promenade. Done and done.

Note: This post isn't sponsored by AllSaints or anything, I'm just genuinely obsessed.