Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Miranda




Water + Earth

Like any true Water, the only rules Miranda likes to live by are her own. She's intelligent, unpredictable, and resists any box society might try to put her in. While Water makes up most of her essence, there is a slight undertone of Earth that comes into play with her slightly stubborn tendencies, loyalty to her friends loved ones, and her own favorite traditions (like Chinese delivery and British soap operas). Her style is a perfect blend of the two with an emphasis on eclectic patterns, flowy fabrics, warm neutral tones, and conservative work attire. In the earlier seasons Miranda's style was a bit nonexistent/embarrassing, which is why we loved to see her come out of her fashion shell in the later years with chunky jewelry, fun ethnic patterned dresses, big belts, and a cuter-by-the-episode layered bob.


Miranda's Rules to Style

1. Huge totes and satchels are daily essentials for carrying your life from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

2. Dress to inspire your career, and intimidate the men who might try to get in your way.

3. Having short hair is effortless and liberating.

4. A great belt always flatters your waist, and is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

5. There are more important things in life than waxing your bikini line.


At the Movies

Miranda's outfit for a night at the movies would be stylish, without compromising comfort or practicality. She might be coming from a long day at the firm, but that wouldn't stop her from jazzing up for a night out with the girls. This may include artistic jewelry, draping, neutral shades, day-to-night heels, and one of her signature big belts to tie it all together.

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