Style Syncs: Elemental Makeup With Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire


One of my favorite things about spreading the Fashion Feng Shui buzz is getting to see how people incorporate it into their lives through their own style lenses. My good friend/pseudo sister Christine (actual blood sister of Rachel, one of my besties since freshman orientation at NYU) has taken the elements into her own hands and turned out some killer looks in her own language - fabulous makeup. Christine lives and breathes beauty and tells us all about it in her own blog, On A Mission Beauty. At the ripe old age of 18, Christine has officially become the go to beauty guru to all her friends and two older sisters. It has gotten to the point where I won't make a beauty move without consulting her first. She has inspired me to expand my makeup skills and I've already learned so much from her! I don't think I have to tell you this girl is good, cause you're about to see for yourself.

I am thrilled to introduce Christine's Five Elemental Makeup Looks, complete with full tutorials on how to apply them! Please make special note of the cute face she makes when she applies blush...


"For my Metal look, I wanted to keep the colors timeless and make it look effortless. I chose colors that would look rich on the eyes and match virtually any outfit."



"Water was my easiest look to come up with because who doesn't think of mermaids when they think of the ocean? I knew I wanted a metallic look that just flowed from one color to the next."



"Fire was my chance to go a little crazy with bright colors while still keeping the look wearable. When I saw that Fire's colors were pink and purple, that was all the inspiration I needed and ran with it."



"Wood was my biggest challenge. I wanted to make it fun yet at the same time I needed it to be simple. I stuck with colors you see outside everyday that compliment a Wood's mentality."



"For my Earth look my overall goal was to make sure the colors didn't end up flat and dull. I threw in some green in order to warm up the orange and to put in a splash of fun color."


I couldn't be more proud of the looks Christine created, and I fully intend to try all of them as each intention strikes me.

Be sure to follow Christine's blog, On A Mission Beauty!