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The Life Styled / Mixing Frills with Edge

Q:  I have a fabulous frilly tulle skirt but it just collects dust in my closet because I don't know how to wear it. My style is more edgy rocker, so I just feel like I'm playing dress-up in softer girly things. But I love this skirt and I want to find a way to wear it. How do I style it so I still look like myself? - Lana

A: Good question! I have faced the same dilemma with the floofier things too since I'm a leather jacket and t-shirt girl myself. But sometimes we just want to honor the little girl in us and wear something light pink and poofy! Not to worry, because the rocker edgy style tends to be very structured and dark, it's actually the perfect match to the softer, more feminine side of the spectrum. The juxtaposition of the two things is very appealing, perhaps because they're SO opposite that it just makes sense. So, rock your tutu but keep the rest of the outfit true to your edgy style with some killer chunky heels, a tee, and a leather jacket. That way it won't look like you turned into a different person, just introduced a new statement into your look. Add a jeweled necklace too - it will honor both the girly and rocker side equally and tie it all together.

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