Summer Flare Bootcamp

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I was starting to shop around for some white flare jeans for an outfit post I want to do for summer, and it dawned on me that the actual process of buying and wearing flares deserves a post on its own. Flare jeans can be a complicated beast to tackle. The last time they were cool, I was wearing them with Samba's and an unintentionally oversized maroon and gold high school sweatshirt (on second thought, maybe that would be cool now). But you get the idea. This time around, this trend is a great way to give an outfit a bit of a lift, and if you wear them right, make you look half a foot taller and at least a size or two skinnier. YES! OK but here are the rules (yes, there are rules):

Shoe choice is everything and height is your friend. Yes I realize this makes wearing flares a bit more of a situation. But having the right shoe is a very important part in nailing the look. I find a chunkier shoe works well in creating balance with the wide flare, but you can go with a delicate pointy or strappy heel for a more dressed up look. I love a stacked heeled western inspired boot with ripped flares for a cowgirl vibe. You can get away with a sneaker, but careful with that. Consider one with a bit of a platform to give you some extra height and make sure the flare covers it well. In fact, the more your foot disappears completely in the flare, the more flattering and polished the look will be. Otherwise you will need an entirely different pair of flares that's the right length for flat sneakers.

Length. The flares must and I mean MUST almost touch the floor with your shoes on. Maybe even graze it. No floating, flapping hems! I mean it. Unless you're daring enough to try the cropped flare trend, but that's a whole different beast. So you have to pay attention to the inseam and make sure they go hand in hand with the shoes you plan to wear with them. If you normally wear a 32 inseam and want to wear them with a 4 inch heel, you'll need a 35.5 or 36 inseam. You may even want to buy a pair of shoes specifically with flares in mind. You can call them your "flare shoes." Excuse to buy shoes! Who needs one?

Leg. Pay attention to where the flare starts. It will be more flattering if the knee part of the jean is hugging your knee/top of your calve. But try them on and see what works best for you.

Rise. A high waisted pair will make you look even taller and skinnier.

Here are some of my top picks of flares for the summer months, and shoe options to pair with them. Weekend shopping starts NOW. 


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Shoes for Summer Flares

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