Swag/Brag: Leopard + Silk + Studs


Brag/Swag 10.5 My shopping brain is fixated on a few key pieces lately: a white silk button-up blouse, a pair of animal print jeans, and some studded loafers. I've been reviewing the choices at hand and it turns out these staples can be added to your wardrobe no matter your budget. You can certainly go for the investment classics like Equipment's signature blouse, Current Elliott's flying-off-the-racks Stiletto jeans, and Loeffler Randall's subtly studded Blaise loafer, but that'll add up real quick...

The good news is the "budget" options are hardly compromising. J.Crew's Blythe blouse is equally as classic (though be warned it's not as long as Equipment's so leggings are probably a no-go), GAP's snakeskin legging jeans are a treat at an amazing price, and the Sam Edelman Adena flats are downright obsessable - not to mention they also come in pewter and rose gold. The $400+ savings could pay for that Rebecca Minkoff bag you've been eyeing. Something to think about.

So what do you think? Which items would you go for the budget option and which are worth the extra splurge?