An Elemental Look at Golden Globes Fashion

As a fashion obsessed chick, I look forward to awards season. On Hollywood's biggest nights of the year, we can always count on some great fashion to "ooh" and "eek" over. Today, we're taking an elemental look at all the red carpet looks from Sunday night's Golden Globes. Of course, on any red carpet, certain elements are hard to avoid: Metal - Elegance. Fire - Drama. Water - Avant-Garde. At a black tie event, it's difficult to locate the elements of comfort - Wood, and Earth, because on such a fancy night, people like to step out of their comfort zone, and into the spotlight. Here are some of the night's key Fashion Feng Shui moments...






Sandra Bullock

I can't wait to see how the stars will be channeling the elements for the rest of the season! We know we can expect lots of Fire at the Grammys, and Metal at the Oscars. Stay tuned!