Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Charlotte




Metal + Earth

Charlotte's the girl we can always count on to be loyal, nurturing, proper, and classy. Her Metal makes her the queen of all things elegant, while her underlying Earth contributes to her motherly, traditional, and domestic tendencies. We love her for the squeaky clean all-American girl that she is, and her perfect wardrobe to match. You'll always see Charlotte in pieces that are delightfully easy on the eye with no surprises, in recognizable styles reminiscent of the idyllic 50's.


Charlotte's Rules to Style

1. Always make sure your outfit ties together through one repeating color.

2. If it would attract judging stares on the upper east side, do not wear it.

3. A classic a-line dress is suitable for any occasion.

4. Bows, polka dots, and florals are your best friends.

5. When vacationing in Mexico, do not drink the water... and always have a backup outfit on hand.

Anthropologie Cooling Palette Dress, $188


At the Movies

If Charlotte were seeing Sex and the City 2 this Friday, she'd likely don a cutesy casual (well, casual by her definition) frock like this one by Alice + Olivia. She might wear flats to stay comfy, but they'd have to be sufficiently feminine and graceful. Most importantly, Charlotte would be sure to bring her hanky for the inevitable waterworks during the film's most touching moments.

Sex and the City 2 - CharlotteSex and the City 2 - Charlotte by thelifestyled

Channel It: A Week of Sex and the City


Attention Sex and the City fans! This week, The Life Styled is all for you! Admit it - you've been counting down the days ever since word broke of a sequel. No matter how "seasoned" our favorite foursome gets, there is just no better silver screen experience for us fans and inspired fashionistas than a new Sex and the City movie. New storylines, new witty banter, new love triangles... and allll new fashions said to be worth a collective $10 mil. Could you just die?


To mark this champagne toast-worthy occasion, there's no more appropriate topic than our four favorite New Yorkers, and their iconic styles. Each day this week, we'll be taking an elemental look at the fabulous femmes, and how their wardrobes honor the characters we all relate to in one way or another. Whether you're a prim and proper Charlotte, a no holds barred Samantha, an unstoppable Miranda, or a star of the show Carrie (who are we kidding? We all think we're Carrie), we'll cover everything you need to know about dressing SATC style, especially the pressing question of the week - what to wear to the premiere?


Absolutely adored the bridesmaid looks from Carrie's non-wedding in the first movie! Carrie's wedding dress? You either loved it or you hated it.


If you've made special plans to see the movie with your girlfriends and celebrate with dinner or drinks, chances are you're not planning on rolling out of bed and going in your scrubbies to this one. But yet, if we waltz into the theatre looking like we recreated one of Samantha's desert diva outfits from the movie, we may just cross over into whatever territory those cape-wearing Star Wars camper-outers are in - a place I don't think we want to be.

So this week, your mission is to find those perfect pieces that would make Patricia Field proud, but still stay in the realm of appropriate movie-going attire. And don't worry - we've got all sorts of ideas for SATC inspired outfits that will turn heads - in a good way of course.

There's no question about it - these ladies sure know style, and sport a drool worthy wardrobe maybe .01% of the population could actually afford. But even if we don't fall into that lucky category, we get to pull inspiration from the show that taught us how fashion can contribute to our identity in the most fun and unencumbered way.

Haven't seen the full trailer, or just need to see it again to perk up your Monday morning? Take a moment.