Sex and the City 2 Week: Spotlight on Samantha



All Fire Baby!

It's safe to say that Samantha Jones is one of most fiery Fires ever created in pop culture - especially when it comes to her philosophies on men, and that sailor mouth of hers. We'd all love to have even a fraction of the guts she has, which is why she's an icon and an inspiration to us all. When it comes to Samantha's style, no outfit is too loud or skimpy. Her look is fearless and ageless. I mean, what other woman in her 50's would show up to a red carpet event wearing the exact same outfit as Miley Cyrus?


Samantha's Rules to Style

1. Always dress for men, not for women (if you get cat calls from the construction workers on Canal St., that means you got it right).

2. Your best staple pieces are the ones that are most easily removed.

3. Never bring a fake Fendi to the Playboy mansion.

4. Wear it, and never apologize for it.

5. The bigger the jewels, the better... if you know what I mean.


At The Movies

Samantha's a "go big or go home" kinda gal. So even if she's just going to the movies, that's certainly not stopping her from sporting her most obnoxious duds - sparkles, chunky jewelry, and blatant brands in tow. Samantha is the last person to care about whatever whispers she may be attracting from the row behind about her tranny-like corset. In fact, the more whispers she attracts, the better.

Sex and the City 2 - SamanthaSex and the City 2 - Samantha by thelifestyled


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