Vintage blazer, T by Alexander Wang tee, GAP jeans, Lanvin flats, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag, Shoedazzle (gifted), J.Crew and Forever21 bracelets, Micheal Kors watch, Kate Spade earrings

This sequin blazer was a serendipitous find while I was doing a pull at Shareen Vintage for a shoot last year. I swiftly swiped it off the rack and held it my tight grasp until I had secured it for my very own. When I wear it, I feel like the ringmaster in the most fabulously costumed three ring circus... so what better to pair with it than an arm full of tiger/leopard/snake cuffs and a necessary touch of checker print fit for only the chicest of circus clowns?


GAP Jeans Revolution


I used to think I had to pay $250 for jeans. No, really. Nothing was ever long enough, fit right, or held its shape if it didn't also have a designer price tag... until I rediscovered GAP 1969's. I don't know what they've been drinking over there but I do know that it's working. Recently GAP's aesthetic has gone from yawn to yay, and I especially can't get enough of their denim. Not only are the latest styles right there with the times, but they all come in many lengths - including long AND extra long.


GAP Jeans: Legging JeanLegging Jean

To make matters even better, GAP has a love for sales. Unlike the Current/Elliott and Sevens of the world, GAP gets inspired on a fairly frequent basis to practically pay you to take their stuff. I recently placed an order in which I scored a pair of stylish bleached jeans, and two pair of the Real Straight with inseams for days. Total: $92. The deal was so good, I felt like I owed them an apology.


GAP 1969 Frenzy


This fall, mix any of your favorite styles in with your splurges of the season and no one will even know that your jeans cost less than your Thursday happy hour bill.

GAP Jeans: Always Skinny BleachAlways Skinny Bleach


Cropped Always Skinny Zipper, $69.50